Day 1 – The Arrival

The day has finally come. I remember when the countdown to this day was over 3 months and I couldn’t wait for it to come; but now there is no more waiting because I am here.

The support from family and friends has been absolutely overwhelming, without all of you I may not have had the confidence to take this amazing opportunity. 2 months/8 weeks/66 days doesn’t sound like a long time to many, but when you live miles away from home already and you only visit during the Christmas and Easter period; coming home for 10days then flying across the world for 2 months is a big deal!

In the past week, many people have asked me “am I nervous” or “will I miss home” and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure how I was feeling or how I would feel . However the morning of my flight, my belly was full of butterflies and I began to feel anxious with the worry of something going wrong i.e. forgetting something or getting to the airport late. It was at this point that the idea of me going to NY for 2 months was no longer surreal but began to feel very real. Saying goodbye to my parents wasn’t as bad as I thought – if you know me well I can be an emotional wreck but it wasn’t until I landed approximately 7hrs 45mins later that I realised I am no longer at home and I will miss them very much.

Now that I am here it hasn’t sunk in. Once arriving to our temporary home, the tiredness kicked in, I struggled to eat a small portion of chicken chow mien and was practically falling asleep on the table yet when I got into bed I was up until … I can’t even remember now but it was late. Anyhow, its 7.20 am in the morning and I have been up for 2 hours – clearly still living by UK time but I guess I should begin my day, which is beginning very early :).




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