Day 2 – Exploring the City

The expectation I had of NYC is exactly what I got! So I can officially say that what you see in the movies is real – the busy traffic with constant beeping from the yellow taxis, masses of people crossing the road, and the typical rush hour of the school buses during pick up time.

Now, today was a very spontaneous day. I was awakened by the humidity of the apartment, which is something I need to get used to because I don’t envisage any air or wind appearing anytime soon. Anyways so I chilled for the majority of the time thinking whether I could actually be bothered to venture out anywhere today – but I did. 4 minute walk to the bus stop, 15 minute bus ride to the train station and 40 minutes to 23rd Street. That was the journey today but it wasn’t so simple. After missing the scheduled bus due to a minor delay (which was my own cause) and a 20 minute wait, we got onto the Q77 bus to then be told that 1 dollar bills aren’t accepted. The frustration began to rise after realising that we had been waiting for this bus for at least 30 mins in total, whilst surrounded by the warm air that covers the city. Though the upside is that once we connected to the subway the journey was a breeze.

Once arriving to our destination, the difficult part was arriving to our destination! I remembered to capture the directions to the station but forgot to note down, which way we had to walk to our FINAL destination. So at first we relied on ‘BeccaGoogle’ however Becca’s directions got us lost, so we then referred to the real google once we purchased our internet – as you most probably already guess the real google did a better job than ‘BeccaGoogle’ lol.

Up until this point I haven’t actually informed you of where we intended to go. Today our aim was to visit the buildings where we will be working for the next 7 weeks. The area is everything I expected it to be . The roads are huge, busy and clean! So clean that I felt guilty when my starburst wrapper dropped on the floor, which resulted in me picking it back up. This was en route to the other end of the road which was a nice relaxing walk until the thick black clouds slowly headed its way closer to where we were.

Long story cut short – I got soaked from head to toe. I was running across the streets like a headless chicken desperate for some shelter. It was the when both Becca and I thought it was time to make our way home :). So we made it. All by ourselves from Queens to Central NY without needing to making any emergency calls for help in getting home.

Now the day is over, I can officially say that I am knackered! My eyes are slowly drifting so I think it is time to got to bed until we speak again.




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