Day 3 – Times Square

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Yesterday was absolutely amazing! We travelled to to one of the most busiest areas in New York City – Times Sq. Now I always thought that Times Sq was just where the big screen  was and extra busy roads, however I learnt that it is an actual area of NY.

On arrival to the city we walked through the famous rockafella centre, which was surrounded by masses of people and tall flags representing the United States of America. This was my first experience since Thursday that I have visited a tourist area in NY – every so often you are either approached by a local tour bus member or someone taking portraits and selling souvenirs. The upside to this was that one of the members for the bus tours explained how the St and Avenues work, which was extremely helpful. From East to West it’s St I.e. 31st St and from North to South it’s Avenues I.e. 8th Ave. Hopefully this prevents us from getting lost because each road looks exactly the same and, results in walking blocks and blocks from our first destination without realising.

After so much walking, browsing and the shock of naked women walking around painted with flags, it was time to eat out at the Hard Rock Café. Now I have visited this restaurant in Canada and Amsterdam, however this is officially the best one I have been to. The atmosphere, customer service and entertainment is great! Ah and the food was amazing – the original legendary burger (medium well) with the most refreshing wild berry smoothie. I must say, I intended on getting an oreo cheesecake but my belly was more than full, once I had finished the main meal.

After such a scrumptious meal, Becca and I made our way back home. You don’t realise how tiring the day is until you get back home and realise you are drifting off to sleep in no time. But hey ho! Today is Sunday and a day of rest before my first day tomorrow. Yes I am nervous but I am so excited for this to begin. I will keep you updated weekly of what takes place whilst being an intern.

Hope you are all having a fab day and Happy Fathers Day to all.



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