The Morning of my First Day

The butterflies I am feeling right now is crazy. Never would I have thought that I would be so nervous, yet so calm at the same time. It’s 6:59am and I have 35 minutes until my hus is due. I wok up at 6.20am without an alarm so I had no choice  but to get ready because I am far from tired right now.

I just had a lovely ackee and saltfish sandwich for breakfast to ease my mind. Yes – I comfort myself with food sometimes especially when it tastes so good. Who doesn’t?

So I have I left now, just got onto the bus and en route to work. Good thing I left early because the bus was late. All I can say now is wish me luck and I hope you are all having a fab day!

I have now arrived; sitting in my office for the next two months on the twentieth floor! It is amazing, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I didn’t know what to except but I am happy with the firm and excited to work alongside the Partners, Associates and Paralegals of the firm. Even though I have studied US law, I am aware that it will be a totally different experience. So the good news is – I have arrived, I feel settled and I am ready for the next 7 weeks. Chow for now.



2 thoughts on “The Morning of my First Day

  1. hello I am a student from NIGERIA who wants to study this course.I am very happy to read about your experince, Iam realy encouraged THANKS.

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