Week 1

What is it like being an intern in the amazing New York City! The city that never sleeps. It is absolutely amazing, everyone at the firm is so lovely and has made me settle in so well. Lunchtimes are the best because they all have introduced me to the best places to eat. So far may favourite is a takeout called Essen – here they serve chinese, freshly grilled sandwiches, burritos and salads! Today I grabbed myself a chicken sandwich with caesar sauce and sat on the bench in Madison Sq Park, whilst embracing the smell of the fresh plants and flowers and the warm yet refreshing air. This was the first day I sat out at lunch, but it won’t be the last. 

So… the firm is amazing and so are the people. The first half of the week was quite slow (which was to be expected) however from Wednesday I was full occupied with things to do. My first task was to read a case which was an amount of pages I cannot even remember (so that’s saying something). Surprisingly I finished it and vaguely understood it. At first instance, if I tell people I am dealing with criminal law – the first thing that pops into your mind is murderers, rapists etc. however the type of crime I have been reading on is fraud. After reading the huge booklet given to me, I then observed a moot carried out by several of the employees. Now this was very interesting from an active mooters perspective because it showed me how what I do now can actually benefit you for in the real world. This moot session is an opportunity to run through your arguments and to be attacked by the panel participating. 

I want to keep my posts short and simple, so moving onto the next task. For the last few days I have been reading and collecting data to be inputted into a specific document. The work (so far) is easy going but I imagine that it won’t be like this for the whole 7 weeks. You will only find out if you keep updated on my weekly blogs – Goodnight for now 🙂 Image


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