Week 3

This week has been one of the best weeks! Why? I have been able to sit in on a big case i.e. the Rajaratnam case (if you google it you will see). This has been such a great opportunity, and I am grateful that the firm has allowed me to visit the trial on several occasions. I cannot expose anything that has been said, however I can say that despite the topic being very complex the trial has been very interesting. I will be going to the final day tomorrow from 8am, which should be a challenge (to get up in the morning) but will be worth it.

Other than that, I had the opportunity to go see ‘Cripple of an Inishmann’ starring Daniel Radcliffe with Masi and two of my colleagues at the firm. This was amazing, the story and the quality of acting was great! The one thing I was more shocked by however is the prices for a packet of M&Ms … 5 dollars I paid. If my belly wasn’t grumbling as much, I am telling you I would have given that a pass. Anyways, so that was a great experience!

On Tuesday I had lunch with the Paralegals and one of the Attorneys at the firm. They are all so friendly and bubbly, I don’t look forward to saying goodbye to anyone at the firm in a few weeks time :(. And one thing I can say, is that they all know where all the good spots are to eat, so when I have been taken out to lunch I have been eating very well.

So I thought to myself, what could possibly be better than a great week at work, great food, entertainment and great people at work? Well it got better. Friday was 4th July – yes, the weather was absolutely horrible but it cleared up in the night and the fireworks were amazing. We were standing quite far back from the display (as there were thousands of people there to celebrate America’s Independence Day), yet I could still feel the impact of the booms and the bangs as it made my body vibrate in some kind of weird way lol. The only thing that sucks is that we couldn’t find anywhere to go and party after because (1) we weren’t locals so had no idea where we was going and (2) the age barrier!! If only I was 21 now *sigh*. So because of that, the 4th July ended there.

But don’t feel bad yet, we then decided to go to Six Flags Great Adventure the next morning. Okay, so I would be described as a thrill-seeker but I can honestly say that these roller coasters challenged me very well! I was being thrown 225ft in the year, jumping of the highest poles and flying in the air at 90mph. Zooming down dips that made me feel as if my belly was about to come out of my mouth. But do you know what, after the screaming of joy and the screaming of fear, I would go and do all of it again! It was the best weekend in the USA so far. The sun was beaming, music playing and just such a lovely festive atmosphere. Now I sit here on a Sunday afternoon chilling (which is what I need after all of this excitement).

So I am doing great and having the best time ever in NYC! I do miss my family and friends and do look forward to coming home in August, but for now I will continue to enjoy my time here!



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