Week 5

The highlight of this week has to be my weekend! Thursday afternoon I made my way to Rhode Island for a family wedding on the Friday. Although it took us at least 2 and a half to three hours, I can’t actually say it was a long journey because I fell asleep so it felt like a 20minute journey instead. Once I reached to my destination, it felt so good to arrive and reunite with my sister-in-laws family who I met in April. 

Anyways fast forwarding to the next day. Despite me going to bed at around 1am I still managed to wake up early in the morning (which wasn’t my intention) as the wedding did not start until the afternoon. So I woke up had some honey nut cheerios which was yummy, followed by some salt fish and rice a couple hours later 🙂 At first time was going slow, but once I actually begun to get ready it went so quickly. Well it eventually got to 2:45pm and we made our way to the church. What can I say, the ceremony was lovely and the bride looked beautiful. The day as a whole was great, and I had the best table for the reception. I love a good laugh and I laughed the night away, and I love to dance and I done some of that too. I can now say that I know the wobble dance, which I was unaware of last week when everyone was doing it at the concert. So the day was amazing, the weather was nice and I generally had a great time. Exhausted? Yes. But it was worth it. 

So the next day was the day I had to go back to NY :(. However I couldn’t do that without attending the cook out. But before that we went to eat brunch at Sacotash (have no idea whether I have spelt it right but hey ho) – I had fried chicken and waffles! Yes, it sounds strange! And I always thought it was disgusting to mix the two, but ohh my it was amazing! I was starving before I entered but I can guarantee you that the food will put you to sleep because its so good! Despite me being belly full – I couldn’t resist the food at the cook out. I am telling you since living (temporarily) in the US my appetite has gotten bigger. Even now – I have eaten my dinner yet I am still hungry. So for that reason alone I might just rummage through the fridge and help myself to some cake lol. 

Anyhow, long story short I had a great weekend and back to work tomorrow which potentially is my last week with the firm. It has been a great experience and I have learnt so many things, but after this week I look forward to seeing more family members and being a true tourist and exploring the rest of New York City! I apologise for the lack of photos/videos in this post – none has been uploaded yet however they will be coming soon. 



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