Week 6

So it has been so hectic, that I have fallen behind a little on my blog updates! Well, my last week was busy and therefore went quite quick. From Wednesday through to Friday I was working on a project with one of the paralegals at the firm. This involved me observing large charts with little writing and matching up the information to back up files provided. This kept me occupied but it was quite tiring at some parts, and made me seem as if I was going a little crazy! lol 

It was quite sad to leave the firm on Friday. That day I went to lunch with a few of my colleagues and had a lovely lunch at a French restaurant called Artisinal. Oh my the food was delicious; especially the mac & cheese which I am definitely going to attempt when I get back to the UK. Now I can cook up a pretty good mac & cheese but this one was out of this world. 

This summer has by far been the best summer! Everyone at the firm has been so welcoming, which has made my trip worthwhile. On the Thursday I again went out with my colleagues and was treated to a sandwich from Potbelly and an oatmeal cookie. The BEST cookie you can have. It literally melts in your mouth – ahhh it’s good! 

Many people travel the world and forget about those they have met. However I will always remember this experience, and anytime I am back in New York I will make a trip to visit Spears & Imes and the wonderful people there. 

Despite the expenses of this trip, it has been worth every penny! I have just under 2 weeks here left and I am definitely going to miss the city. This week so far I have been to the Bronx Zoo, Madam Tussaud’s and the Empire State Building. Today I am off to Coney Island to enjoy some more rides and soak in some sun. So look out for more posts and pictures! 



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