Week 7

My New York journey will soon come to an end! Since finishing my internship last Friday I have been exploring the cities main attractions and have visited family. After experiencing all of these wonderful things, I have decided that I need to appreciate my own city much more than I do. So what have I experienced? 

Saturday I made my way to the Bronx Zoo. Now I haven’t been to the zoo for a very long time so I was in many ways excited to go. However (not to kill the mood or anything) I hadn’t realised how unsettling it would be to see some of the animals living in such a limited space, and it was more upsetting to see how skinny the tiger was :(. I guess when you get older the little details become more visible. Despite that, it was a beautiful day: the sun was shining and it felt so great to just relax and not worry about going to bed early. 

Although I did end up waking up pretty early just to make the most of each day. Empire state building, top of the rock, statute of liberty, ellis island, speedboat, cinema, madame tussauds, 9/11 tribute and memorial museum – we done it all. As well as experiencing such great things I feel privileged (as always) to appreciate a culture different to my own. 

As I keep on saying New York has been everything I expected it to be, and at no point have I been disappointed. This has not only been an academic experience but also a life experience for me. It’s funny because from young I have always dreamed of coming to New York for a lengthy stay and to any young person wishing for many things: pursue your dreams, there is no limit because the world is your oyster. 

6 days left and there is still more for me to see! As promised from the very beginning, you will all remain updated with my daily activities in New York City! 



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