The end of the road in NYC …

I am back and my journey in New York City is now complete. Well what can I say… it was the best summer I have ever had. Not only did I have the opportunity to further my knowledge and experience in law but I also explored the city that never sleeps; and it’s not just a silly quote. New Yorkers do not sleep which explains their obsession with black coffee to keep them awake all day.

The first thing every person asks me is ‘what was it like?’ and my response to that is ‘amazing!’ Living life in New York is not so simple, however the adventures, the views, the weather and atmosphere is what makes it what it is. I lived in a flat with one of my friends Rebecca at my Auntie’s house in Queens, Jamaica. Now I was told that Queens was not one of the best areas to stay, however I beg to differ. My stay in the borough of Queens was great. I lived on a block with the friendliest neighbours and it was such a quiet and relaxed area. I could be walking home at 12am from the local bus stop and feel safe. So I think I will stick with seeing things for myself lol.

My commute to work was long-winded, though I got so used to the journey that I no longer thought about how long it was. A 10-minute ride to the train station then an F train to Manhattan. Altogether it would take about 1hr 15mins to get to work without the trip to Starbucks or Essen for my morning snack or drink. Entering the building at 51 Madison Avenue on the 20th Floor, I would walk into my office take a seat, embrace the glorious view of the city and get ready to begin my day. That was the general routine for 6 weeks.

At first I was buzzing and had no issue with waking up for work in the mornings. However as the sun got hotter and my night’s sleep got shorter, I struggled each day to wake up. Though as soon as I got into work, I forgot I was even tired. Now don’t get me wrong there were days where I felt exhausted and thought to myself ‘how the heck am I going to get through the day?’ but there was always something I could do to help time pass by.

A day at work could never be predicted. Some days it would be quiet and other days there would be so much to do. From this experience I learnt that all the paperwork and filing that takes place (even before going to trial for example) could take a while. This was one of the many things I had learnt, and to be honest I do not think I would have gained such information without practical experience.

I could write pages telling you about my journey in the BIG APPLE and my days with the firm. Though I doubt you are expecting to read a novel. Please do however enjoy my final video blog for NYC.



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