Week 2 – At work in the city (written blog).

There has definitely been a lot more work to be involved in since last week. On Monday, I had continued to read the 500 page judgment and was also given some documents for a third case in regards to Tax Fraud. This gave me an insight of what will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting with the Department of Justice (DOJ), which was held on Wednesday.  

Later on in the day, I was also given the heads up to re-read the memorandum in regards to the second case given so that I was prepared to carry out some work on it later on in the week. There was so much for me to look forward to, that I was glad Tuesday was a more of a quiet day. I listened in on a phone with the SCC, who wished to congratulate a Partner at the firm of their performance in a recent presentation i.e. the moot presentation. It was nice to hear this news.  

Wednesday was a hectic day, as soon as I arrived at 9.15am I headed straight down to the federal court to attend an oral argument. The case was very unusual and complex, however to see an Attorney in practice was a great experience. Though this was a lot different to the court appearance I attended on Thursday. Now you may ask why. Well… when you’re sitting down in a federal court and one by one, each defendant is escorted into the room and all you hear is the chains wrapped around their waist and handcuffs around their wrists  – now that is a big difference to a room filled with 5/6 people, all being attorneys or part of the Government. This was the first time I had experienced anything like this! The case was a drugs case, however I choose not to discuss in detail for confidential reasons.  

Now it is a known fact that the treatment of defendants who are black in comparison to white differs. The Criminal Justice System (in my opinion) shows how unfair it can be for the above reason. It is more of an unbelievable fact to know that many of these indigent defendants have already been in prison for at least 12 months without a decision being made in regards to their sentence. Though it is nice to see lawyers work on the Pro Bono scheme to defend these indigent defendants. As I believe regardless of the crime everyone should have the right to a competent lawyer to represent them: and it was pleasing to see that happen in practice.  

Friday was a very relaxed day as there was not anything specific to complete. This gave me a chance to reflect on all my experiences this week. It has been a great opportunity to get outside of the office and sit in on meetings and court activities, despite the constant security stops – it was worth while. As for next week, Joanna has kindly informed me of a trial taking place in relation to white-collar cases. This has been publicised excessively in the media, thus look forward to attending the trial and observing what  takes place. Though this is not a specific task given, I have been permitted to attend if I wish. This sounds very interesting, so this will be one of my activities to take part in next week. 



Week 2

Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to do something different this week! I will still upload a written blog as there was so much I didn’t fit in..


Week 1

What is it like being an intern in the amazing New York City! The city that never sleeps. It is absolutely amazing, everyone at the firm is so lovely and has made me settle in so well. Lunchtimes are the best because they all have introduced me to the best places to eat. So far may favourite is a takeout called Essen – here they serve chinese, freshly grilled sandwiches, burritos and salads! Today I grabbed myself a chicken sandwich with caesar sauce and sat on the bench in Madison Sq Park, whilst embracing the smell of the fresh plants and flowers and the warm yet refreshing air. This was the first day I sat out at lunch, but it won’t be the last. 

So… the firm is amazing and so are the people. The first half of the week was quite slow (which was to be expected) however from Wednesday I was full occupied with things to do. My first task was to read a case which was an amount of pages I cannot even remember (so that’s saying something). Surprisingly I finished it and vaguely understood it. At first instance, if I tell people I am dealing with criminal law – the first thing that pops into your mind is murderers, rapists etc. however the type of crime I have been reading on is fraud. After reading the huge booklet given to me, I then observed a moot carried out by several of the employees. Now this was very interesting from an active mooters perspective because it showed me how what I do now can actually benefit you for in the real world. This moot session is an opportunity to run through your arguments and to be attacked by the panel participating. 

I want to keep my posts short and simple, so moving onto the next task. For the last few days I have been reading and collecting data to be inputted into a specific document. The work (so far) is easy going but I imagine that it won’t be like this for the whole 7 weeks. You will only find out if you keep updated on my weekly blogs – Goodnight for now 🙂 Image

First Day in the City

I didn’t know what to expect on my first day, so I just went with the flow. I arrived to the office at around 9:10 in the morning, registered at the reception and made my way to the 25th floor. It was there where I met one of the colleagues at the firm, who then introduced me to my host. Everyone here is so friendly, and that’s not just the people at the firm it’s the New Yorkers in general.

Once I had been introduced to the Partners, Associates and Paralegals of the firm I was shown to my office. Now this was a surprise to me, because I was not expecting to have an office to myself, neither was I expecting a company phone! I sat down in the office and chair and looked at the beautiful view, which is a landscape of the tall buildings hovered by the sun. What I expected of the office, was exactly how it was the website pictures were a true reflection of the firm.

As I said, I didn’t know what to expect on my first day. However it ended up being very relaxing and quiet, which gave me the opportunity to do some reading up on the US law. At around lunchtime, 3 Attorney’s kindly took me out to lunch at the Hillstone located on the ground floor of the 32-floor building. The food was absolutely amazing, I had a chicken burger with fries – this sounds greasy and unhealthy but it was the complete opposite.

I must say, I was very nervous as to how I would feel being in the office i.e. whether it  would be overwhelming, hectic. But I can happily say that there was no need to be nervous because everyone has been so welcoming and I feel comfortable in my surroundings.

There isn’t much else to say in regards to my first day, the first week will be rather quiet however as time goes on I am sure it will become more hectic.For now, keep an eye out for my weekly updates and weekend blogs.


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The Morning of my First Day

The butterflies I am feeling right now is crazy. Never would I have thought that I would be so nervous, yet so calm at the same time. It’s 6:59am and I have 35 minutes until my hus is due. I wok up at 6.20am without an alarm so I had no choice  but to get ready because I am far from tired right now.

I just had a lovely ackee and saltfish sandwich for breakfast to ease my mind. Yes – I comfort myself with food sometimes especially when it tastes so good. Who doesn’t?

So I have I left now, just got onto the bus and en route to work. Good thing I left early because the bus was late. All I can say now is wish me luck and I hope you are all having a fab day!

I have now arrived; sitting in my office for the next two months on the twentieth floor! It is amazing, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I didn’t know what to except but I am happy with the firm and excited to work alongside the Partners, Associates and Paralegals of the firm. Even though I have studied US law, I am aware that it will be a totally different experience. So the good news is – I have arrived, I feel settled and I am ready for the next 7 weeks. Chow for now.


Day 3 – Times Square

IMG_2458 IMG_2468 IMG_2464 IMG_2459 IMG_2451 IMG_2447 IMG_2446 IMG_2444 IMG_2438 IMG_2437

Yesterday was absolutely amazing! We travelled to to one of the most busiest areas in New York City – Times Sq. Now I always thought that Times Sq was just where the big screen  was and extra busy roads, however I learnt that it is an actual area of NY.

On arrival to the city we walked through the famous rockafella centre, which was surrounded by masses of people and tall flags representing the United States of America. This was my first experience since Thursday that I have visited a tourist area in NY – every so often you are either approached by a local tour bus member or someone taking portraits and selling souvenirs. The upside to this was that one of the members for the bus tours explained how the St and Avenues work, which was extremely helpful. From East to West it’s St I.e. 31st St and from North to South it’s Avenues I.e. 8th Ave. Hopefully this prevents us from getting lost because each road looks exactly the same and, results in walking blocks and blocks from our first destination without realising.

After so much walking, browsing and the shock of naked women walking around painted with flags, it was time to eat out at the Hard Rock Café. Now I have visited this restaurant in Canada and Amsterdam, however this is officially the best one I have been to. The atmosphere, customer service and entertainment is great! Ah and the food was amazing – the original legendary burger (medium well) with the most refreshing wild berry smoothie. I must say, I intended on getting an oreo cheesecake but my belly was more than full, once I had finished the main meal.

After such a scrumptious meal, Becca and I made our way back home. You don’t realise how tiring the day is until you get back home and realise you are drifting off to sleep in no time. But hey ho! Today is Sunday and a day of rest before my first day tomorrow. Yes I am nervous but I am so excited for this to begin. I will keep you updated weekly of what takes place whilst being an intern.

Hope you are all having a fab day and Happy Fathers Day to all.


Day 2 – Exploring the City

The expectation I had of NYC is exactly what I got! So I can officially say that what you see in the movies is real – the busy traffic with constant beeping from the yellow taxis, masses of people crossing the road, and the typical rush hour of the school buses during pick up time.

Now, today was a very spontaneous day. I was awakened by the humidity of the apartment, which is something I need to get used to because I don’t envisage any air or wind appearing anytime soon. Anyways so I chilled for the majority of the time thinking whether I could actually be bothered to venture out anywhere today – but I did. 4 minute walk to the bus stop, 15 minute bus ride to the train station and 40 minutes to 23rd Street. That was the journey today but it wasn’t so simple. After missing the scheduled bus due to a minor delay (which was my own cause) and a 20 minute wait, we got onto the Q77 bus to then be told that 1 dollar bills aren’t accepted. The frustration began to rise after realising that we had been waiting for this bus for at least 30 mins in total, whilst surrounded by the warm air that covers the city. Though the upside is that once we connected to the subway the journey was a breeze.

Once arriving to our destination, the difficult part was arriving to our destination! I remembered to capture the directions to the station but forgot to note down, which way we had to walk to our FINAL destination. So at first we relied on ‘BeccaGoogle’ however Becca’s directions got us lost, so we then referred to the real google once we purchased our internet – as you most probably already guess the real google did a better job than ‘BeccaGoogle’ lol.

Up until this point I haven’t actually informed you of where we intended to go. Today our aim was to visit the buildings where we will be working for the next 7 weeks. The area is everything I expected it to be . The roads are huge, busy and clean! So clean that I felt guilty when my starburst wrapper dropped on the floor, which resulted in me picking it back up. This was en route to the other end of the road which was a nice relaxing walk until the thick black clouds slowly headed its way closer to where we were.

Long story cut short – I got soaked from head to toe. I was running across the streets like a headless chicken desperate for some shelter. It was the when both Becca and I thought it was time to make our way home :). So we made it. All by ourselves from Queens to Central NY without needing to making any emergency calls for help in getting home.

Now the day is over, I can officially say that I am knackered! My eyes are slowly drifting so I think it is time to got to bed until we speak again.